Focus on: Asthma UK

ASTHMA UK This charity is extremely close to my heart as I have lost a couple of friends to this condition and I have it myself. If you are a fellow asthmatic then you will know  how frightening ... Read More

Charity shop haul.

Wednesday Vlog. Charity Shop Haul. A mixed bag of finds this time around ranging from Jewellery to Shoes. Why do I shop in Charity shops?  Well as you ... Read More

Mothering Sunday

As this Sunday fast approaches (31st March 2019) I thought I’d have a look into the history.  I hope all Mums out there have a good day. Here in the UK Mothering Sunday, is celebrated on th... Read More

Focus on: WADE

WADE stands for Wokingham and District Centre for the Elderly, but obviously WADE is easier to say and also remember! They have, as you will have noticed, their own charity shop within Wokingham Town ... Read More

Wednesday Vlog news

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I know, I have tried everything and I cannot get the video for Wardrobe Declutter part 2 to load. I have no idea what to do now.  Anyway tomorrow, although there will be no Vlog, I will write ano... Read More