A Day out to Brighton

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Welcome to my Wednesday Vlog.  Unfortunately we had ‘one of those days’ on Saturday and our Day out to Brighton did not go as smoothly as we would have hoped, starting with the fact that an 1 hr and 30 min journey actually took us the best part of 3 hours, curtailing our day by some margin.  However we made the best of it and this film is the result.  Most of the footage had to be taken from the car window, since when we arrived we could not find anywhere to park!  We eventually ended up in Rottingdean for around an hour and a half.

We started at Bella Italia for lunch at 3pm! and as stated above we ended up in Rottingdean for a short period of time.


As always Thanks for Watching Enjoy Brighton with us.  The Brighton Pavilion will have to wait until another day.



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