Autumn is on it’s way. Film time.

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I know ,I’m sorry I don’t like to be the harbinger of bad news, but it’s the truth, unfortunately Autumn has it’s head hiding around the corner (which was not a sentence I wanted to write), before I’ve been on my summer holiday.

This summer has been absolutely amazing, and it’s hanging on in there, but the signs are there, that it’s disappearing.  Cooler and unfortunately darker nights.  So lets look at the positives: Flickering fires to take the chill off, cosy rooms, a few good books, and the odd film or two.

What have I been up to with the Charity Shops this time, well, my local Oxfam, has had a 1/2 price Womens wear sale, so if the bargain prices weren’t enough, they dropped them to half price for last week.  What did I get, Oooh! One pair of Indigo Blue Jeans, Straight leg, in my size (result!) for ……… wait for it ……… £3.49, yes, you read that right, under a fiver.  Even if I’d bought them at full price that would still have only been £6.99 and to be honest they’re pretty much brand new.  What’s not to like?


I love the feel of Autumn, it smells fab, apples, mushrooms, blackberries, hot chocolate, soup, crumpets, and toasted cheese sandwiches.  Not quite cold, but not warm enough to have short sleeves, and as for the colours well just look at the trees, red, orange, brown, yellow.  Then there are the Beech Nuts, Conkers, Leaf crunching, walks in the woods, fires, sweet chestnuts and then the obvious (the run up to Christmas….shhh! too early for that word!)

The absolute best thing about Autumn evenings though is films, as the nights draw in you get films on the TV. There are also good films coming out (although I ignore the Halloween horror ones…can’t stand them, but if that’s what you’re about good for you, not for me.) The new ones for the end of the year and the list of all the ones I haven’t managed to see yet!  You also get a plethora of ‘wet sunday afternoon’ days where it decides it’s not going to get daylight at all and stays a murky grey all day.  Only one thing to do, light the fire, open a bottle of something (strictly weekends obviously), and watch a film,whilst smelling the roast cooking in the oven.

So every sentence in this blog post has mentioned films, how do you watch them? Some people subscribe to Netflix or other subscription film and TV services, others stream from Free movie sites, and then there are people like me.  I like to have tangible copies of films on DVD.  This started because we wanted to replace our Disney Collectible Videos with the DVD versions, as many of the films cannot now be streamed online or even found in shops these days.

We started with a list of all the films that we needed to replace.  Then ones that we would like (wishlist, and not only Disney either) So our wishlist suddenly became: All Star Trek movies.  The whole James Bond collection.  All Star Wars.  As well as a few odd films that we thought would be useful and some of the classics, plus the Disney ones we needed to replace and the extra’s that appeared on the Wishlist!

Therein started the looking in the charity shops for the missing DVD’s, it’s taken a while, but James Bond we finally finished in June this year.  Star Wars, I’m only missing ‘Rogue One’  We have all of the Star Trek movies now, but only Star Trek V: The final frontier is on our streaming service library.

We have also managed boxed sets. My daughter was ecstatic to find the Boxed set of FRIENDS in Oxfam for £19.99.  I have found the full set of the ITV series of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, plus his Hound of the Baskervilles, for £4.99 and £2.99 respectively, within our British Heart Foundation.  We have the Boxed sets of Spy Kids, Indiana Jones, The Pink Panther, plus not boxed sets but all of Pirates of the Carribean, except Salazars revenge. All of the Hobbit adventure and all of The Lord of the Rings.  All of which have come from one or other of the charity shops. We also have all of the XMEN films, 4 we bought new but the others were charity shop finds including Days of Future Past for £1.99

I’ve found things like a Brand New Sealed in Packet Finding Dory for 0.99p.  I found Disney’s Hercules too also for 99p.  I never believed in a million years that I would ever find Avatar, or more amazingly The Martian about 4 weeks after it had come out on Sky. Unless they are boxed sets I very rarely spend more than £1.99 on a DVD and our collection has grown to large proportions, since I keep finding things like: The Hunt for Red October, The Italian Job (Michael Caine), Gandhi, Gremlins, Papillon and Spartacus (Kirk Douglas).  I found Geostorm the other day, and if I can I’m on the lookout for The Day After Tomorrow.

We managed to replace all our videos and can now say that we have things like: The new live action Jungle Book also still wrapped, The little mermaid, Hercules, Pocahontas, Peter Pan, Robin Hood.  We even found Kevin Costner, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. We’re still on the lookout for Mulan, and Beauty and the Beast (both the animation and the live action)

The films are out there if you take the time to look.  Word of warning, always check the discs before you buy, some shops will do this before they put them out on the shelf and others don’t, so it pays to look.  It also pays to check that what you are being sold is the original DVD and not a burned DVD (you’d be surprised what turns up in donations.) Also check the returns policy.  I was sold a DVD that would only work in the States and therefore was no good in my DVD player here, it was refunded with no problem, but just ask so you know what the policy is.

The price of the DVD’s will differ depending on how many films there are in the case.  2 films in Oxfam (our local one) will be £1.99, but the others are at a flat rate of 99p.   Other shops, I found Star Trek 11 The Wrath of Khan in the Blue Cross, for around £1.98.   In WADE our local charity the shops sells all their DVD’s for £1.

And yes we do stream, but I use a virtual rental system., and this also gives you the option to buy films too, so for instance we have The Greatest Showman here in my library, with a wishlist that we will probably never get to the end of!!

So before the weather turns into the ‘I want to watch a film season’, as it’s pouring with rain and freezing cold outside, take a look in your local charity shops and see what gems you can find.

Happy Hunting.

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