Content is Queen Shout out live!

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So what is ‘Content is Queen’ Shout out live! event?

Well it’s a podcast event run by Women for Women.

It’s a chance for the under represented to learn in an environment that is not dominated by men.

It’s a festival of everything podcasting and a showcase for those of us who are looking to start a podcast, to learn from those who have been podcasting for years, and for those of us that have just started to podcast (I fall under this category) to learn from others and  to share experiences.

You will find my podcast here

If you saw my Instagram post (click here) on Saturday morning, you will know that I left here very early in order to be at the venue to meet up with others from the Podcasters Support Group. This was so we could get to know each other before the event began at 10:00am.

The meet up was scheduled for 09:15. It takes about an hour and a half to get to London from here and I also had to find the venue, from somewhere I’d never been before!

Enjoy this very quick tour around King’s Place in London.   Some of you will be aware this is now where The Guardian Offices are now situated, and the event took place in the basement, but as you will see, it is nothing like you would imagine a basement to be!

Click Here for the Video.

Thanks for Watching

Kaye x

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