Easter – New Beginnings

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Easter is a time of renewal and new beginnings.

A new tax year and the official beginning of Spring.


It’s all beginning to show around us, for some of us the Daffodils have been and gone and the Bluebells are hot on their heels, with the Tulips in between. For me it’s showing in my sneezing as the trees bring on my hayfever when they look at their best.

Cherry (or prunus) blossom, Magnolia, the catkins on the Willow, Hazel and Birch

The new leaves appearing from the Horse Chestnuts, that look like mini umbrellas, and their Sticky Buds looking almost ready to burst.

As you can see my hayfever does not stop me going out and enjoying the sunshine even if it is a little fresh.

Still cold and prone to frost

The frosts in the morning and the temperatures taking their time to rise does mean that the old addage ‘ne’er cast a clout, til May be out’ still rings true.  In other words you can’t really trust it until the beginning of June.

Socks of the day on Instagram

Those of you that follow me on Instagram (@charityshophopping) will know that just recently I started a section called Socks of the Day.  Everyday I post pictures of the socks I am wearing that day.  As stated when I started this, they are a part of my personality and a daily dose of silliness that nobody apart from my family ever get to see.  It’s how I make myself unique!   It was just something silly to make people smile, but it has led to a couple of opportunities that I am in the process of following up as we speak.

New Beginnings  

Talking of New Beginnings – obviously for those of the Christian Faith Easter Sunday is the Day that Christ Rose from the Dead and therefore is very significant.

Eggs are also a symbol of new life and new beginnings.

As a new beginning for myself I have embarked on another venture.  It is linked also to this website, just like my other social media is.

Grab yourself a Cuppa

I have started a ‘podcast.‘   It is called ‘Grab yourself a cuppa’ as I intend to do a magazine like show covering all manner of subjects.  Episode 1 is called Plants, Orchids and Book Round up.  You will find it in the sidebar to the right, and all you have to do is click play to listen from your computer, or whatever device you are using.

Just do not forget to turn on the sound, as I did, and then wondered why I couldn’t hear my recording!

Due to the way that Anchor and WordPress work, and the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing,to listen here, you will have to listen to the three segments separately. So the experience will be much better if you use one of the platforms below, and that way you will also get my outro or ‘goodbye’ section too.

If you find this too cumbersome, you will also find it on ALL of these platforms and apps:

Anchor : Grab yourself a Cuppa, a new podcast

Spotify, Stitcher, Google podcasts, Breaker, and Radiopublic  (all you need to do is search for ‘Grab Yourself a Cuppa’).

There could be more by the time this goes live at 08:00am Monday morning.

Unfortunately the platform I am using has not updated it’s computer webpage and still thinks that I don’t exist.  The app on the other hand has me up and running, and has notified me that I am available on all the above platforms, however what it doesn’t allow me to do is to share all the links on WordPress.  Technology has failed me in that respect, but as I say, it is also available here in the sidebar.

As this progresses, I shall add the audio to this site so everyone can listen no matter what platform they are on.

Please leave comments on the Podcast itself, or here as they will be gratefully received as I would like to know what sort of content, you, my audience would like to hear about.

That’s enough of my Monday Ramblings for today.

Thanks for dropping by, and Thank You for listening if you enjoy the Podcast.


4 thoughts on “Easter – New Beginnings”

    1. Thank you so much. Easter is a new beginning and a harbinger of spring.
      Kaye x

    1. I love the spring even though it can cause me some grief!
      Kaye x

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