Episode 4. Smart Motorways, and Awareness weeks

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Interview with Keith from Wokingham Driving School answering the burning questions every one has, not least of which is ‘What exactly is a SMART motorway?’ and what does it mean for us?

I’m also covering Coeliac Awareness Week which is this week, Coeliac UK are focusing on diagnosis with their #isitcoeliacdisease, this and the following web address will take you to an online form to see if you may need to investigate further. www.isitcoeliacdisease.org.uk

You are probably all very aware that this week is also Christian Aid Week.  Did you know that this is the oldest and largest fundraising event in the country?  There is a whole section on Christian Aid on my blog from Friday 10th May 2019, in my Focus on: series.  You can find my blog here. https://charityshophoppingandotherthings.co.uk

If you follow my blog you will know that this month is incredibly busy with awareness for all sorts of things, however, EDS Awareness month is one of the most important to me and you can find the different charities this month supports  at https://charityshophoppingandotherthings.co.uk/how-busy-is-may

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