Even the milk falls out the fridge

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NEW YORK (CBS) The major plotline for this season’s show is beginning to get tiresome.

036In Thursday night’s episode, 경기도출장샵 off-again, on-again couple Sammi and Ronnie were on, then off, then on, then off again. What a shocker!

This time, Sammi is trying to enlist the aid of the girls in the house in finding out what Ronnie does in the clubs when she is not around. No one can muster the courage to tell her. There is even discussion of an anonymous letter that would get them off the hook.

Snooki, meanwhile, finds herself in a similar spot. Emilio, her guy back home confesses to being unfaithful and she goes on a plate-smashing spree and blames guys like Emilio for what she says is the country’s rising rate of lesbianism.

Finally, is the universe sendring the housemates a warning about cooking at home? For the second consecutive week, dinner ends up on the floor, this time thanks to The Siutation’s clumsiness. Even the milk falls out the fridge.

To me, that ‘s a message.,