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As promised here are some places where you can find Books for Free.

The first and most obvious place is your local library.  Don’t dismiss this place, chances are they have a presence online via the Council Website.  If it’s anything like our local library service (UK SE England), you will be able to download articles and/or Newspapers and Magazines to your ereader or mobile phone.

The mobile phone option is where I started as at the time I did not possess an ereader.

This is as well as being able to download ebooks to borrow for the same amount of time as your normal physical book.  As stated before though, I have yet to discover whether you are able to renew an ebook as each one I have borrowed I have finished within the time.

Then of course you can always wander in and have a look at books that take your fancy and borrow the physical copies for the standard time of 3 weeks.  These days I believe it is possible to take out around 15 books per person.  Please use your local library otherwise they will disappear, and I think that would be a real a shame.

Voracious Readers Only.  This website I came across as a notification via Facebook and although until recently there was nothing there to whet my appetite in the last couple of days I have just asked to be sent a novel.  I can’t even remember what it’s called, but I read the synopsis and it sounded like it would be something I would enjoy.

The website above promote themselves like this: ‘Who else wants novels for free’ if you’re the sort of person who always leaves the house with a book or your kindle in your bag and if you get a thrill out of telling your friends about a new writer they’ve never heard of, then you’re going to love what you are about to read.’  Then as you scroll down further you are told a little more.

You are asked to pick a novel title and then you send them your details.  They then send you the novel and the idea is that once you’ve read the novel from that author, you review it and pass on your comments via word of mouth about the author and thereby get them known and talked about.  You’re payment, the novel before it’s published.

The other site I’ve come across is The Fussy Librarian.  This gives you Free personalised book suggestions based on what you fill in on your profile when you join.  They will then send you suggestions everyday via email of the types of books that you may like to read.   This way of building up your library in your ereader is really good and I tend to add one or two nearly everyday, working on the principle that it would be quite difficult for me to run out of things to read, but not having to spend huge amounts of money on it.  A lot of the books are quite short so they are good for holiday reads or just if you do not have much time.

You’ve heard me mention Bookbub before, and they are really good for Free ebooks and even ebooks that are on offer for as little as 99p.   When I joined a lot of the books were free but it looks like they may have changed their tack, but even so a well known book for 99p is always worth it.

Goliath (Ryan Mitchell #1) by Richard Turner.

A secret long hidden.
An unforgiving foe.
A deadly race to save millions.

In the summer of 1931, the British Airship Goliath on her maiden flight vanishes without a trace over West Africa, taking with her a secret that people are willing to kill and die for.

In the present, a team of mercenaries attempt to kidnap historian
Jennifer March from a dig site in the Philippines; setting off a deadly chain of events that could threaten millions. Drawn into the race to find the Goliath and her hidden secret, Ryan Mitchell, a former special operations soldier, and his team must try to protect Jennifer March from a deadly and well-financed group that intends to change the world.

From the deserts of Africa, to the snow-covered forests of Alaska to a rocky island off Iceland the hunt for the truth is on.

This was one of the freebies from Bookbub and this was my review:

very good. Think Die Hard and add an airship, plus its set in the 21st Century and terrorist activities. Ryan Mitchell is the main character along with all his army/ marine corps mates stumble across a bid to repatriate a Romanov back to power. Stolen Crown Jewels….and some kidnappings. It does get a little graphic but only enough to give you the idea. I actually really enjoyed this although I don’t normally like recent history. Genre: Action/Adventure.

So as you can see, it is quite easy to get hold of books for not a lot of money or for free.   There is obviously one other source of value for money books and of course that is the charity shops, and the good thing with that is you can read them and then redonate them to make money for a different charity or even the same one!

And of course, as seen in the featured photo, there is also the Blind Date with a Book, where you pick up a wrapped book and as the title suggests, you have no idea what is inside……all good fun.

Happy Reading……………..

Kaye x

2 thoughts on “FREEBIE BOOKS”

  1. I always forget about downloading ebooks from the library. Having said that, I do prefer visiting the library to experience the feel of a ‘real’ book in my hands, and I tend to view it as a little treat for myself as I read so many books on kindle (although mostly through Amazon Prime Reading or Kindle Lending Library which allows you one book a month).

    1. It’s funny isn’t it. I love the feel of a physical book, but to me it’s also nice to have your own portable library! I tend to forget too, but there are so many other ways to get books for free forever, the library ebooks at the moment are very limited. Having said that, the ones I have borrowed have been very good. Another bonus is you can borrow them from your local library no matter where you are at the time! Just knowing that is comforting! My ereader is a storage solution and a way to take loads of books on holiday. I now always have something to read as my ereader links via an app to my phone, which is useful if you’re at the dentist etc. Kaye x

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