Gluten Free and Me: Christmas Treats

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Spare a thought as you tuck into all those yummy treats that predominate over Christmas.

I am partial to Cheese and Biscuits, so what does that mean?  It means that around October/November I need to start seeking out Gluten Free Crackers, as for some reason, no one has thought that a Coeliac would appreciate a box of Gluten Free Biscuits for Cheese, such as the ones that Jacobs do.  No such thing exists for us, why I’ve no idea.

Mulled wine, if you buy the ready made bottled stuff, you need to check very carefully the ingredients as you’d be surprised that even here you could find hidden gluten.

The same applies to Bread Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Pickled Onions (although all vinegars incl. Barley Malt Vinegar are Gluten Free due to the processing Source: some people still react to the Barley.  The same goes for Pickle and Picalilli.  All the things that you would take for granted at Christmas time, Coeliacs have to be incredibly careful.

Not all chocolate (even those without biscuit or wafer) is gluten free,

Just think for a moment how much Pastry you consume at Christmas? and items containing flour?  The list is endless:

Sausage Rolls, Pigs in blankets (a lot of sausages contain rusk and/or breadcrumbs), stuffing, mince pies, Christmas puds, chocolate logs, swiss roll, shop bought Meringue, canapes constisting of mini tartlets, quiches, packs of party bits (most of which are pastry based), and to top it off, crisps (Pringles are not safe, and Tesco’s have stopped stocking their Chipz that were), anything Walkers, anything such as Cheese savouries, cheesey footballs, twiglets, even flavoured peanuts (such as dry roasted) are off limits.  The Gravy you have with your Christmas dinner you will also have to scrutinize to make sure that it is also gluten free.

So you thought Christmas was a nightmare for you, as you can see it’s not straight forward for Coeliacs.  I can’t even indulge in a tin of chocolate biscuits, or a box of my favourites: Licquorice Allsorts.

Having to make all things Gluten Free also puts the price up, as inevitably I do not qualify for the discounts available on many Christmas Offers.  Bear in mind Gluten Free anything can be as much as 3x the price of normal food.

Stay safe, don’t spend too much, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I will be back on 7th January when life has calmed down!

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