Gluten Free and Me: Christmas, what a nightmare

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Why, What a nightmare?

Well if you look through the previous posts you will see that there are some items that are totally off limits, or complicated to sort out.

Chocolate advent calendars are a case in point.  Mars are no good, therefore that rules out a Celebrations one, the cheap ones, you are never sure what their cross contamination reputation is like. 

Lindt all contain Barley Malt Extract, which is a shame as those are usually really cute, but due to the ingredients totally off limits to anyone who is Coeliac.

Even the Terry’s Chocolate Orange now contains wheat starch, and again their cross contamination record is not known.

If you are buying the tubs of chocolate, the rule for Coeliacs is this:  We can have all colours EXCEPT Red!

Don’t think either, that just because of box of Heroes is fine all Cadbury’s is fine, as it isn’t (see told you it was complicated!)

Then there are the Tubes of Sweets which are Santa’s favourites for putting in Stockings, Smarties are no good (which is a shame as I miss those!) due to the fact that the shell contains wheat starch.

I feel sorry for the Kids. 

I’ll get on to festive treats next week.

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