Happy New Year!, and a bit more besides.

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Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m aware it’s February and I have been absent since August.   It’s taken a long time to put this post together for all sorts of reasons, that will become apparent later.

Health Issues

OK so my blog became a mess after I posted my Newsflash.  Some decided it would be a great idea to hack my blog.  I faced a huge task of cleaning it up so that it was my blog again.   That took quite a long time.

If you were subscribed, please do so again, as unfortunately I had to delete everyone, to clean the blog up.

Why I disappeared

Now it’s time for me to come clean about what’s been going on, it started in August and I’m still going through treatment, so bear with me if I disappear again.

As you will be aware the biggest life event I blogged about was my daughters wedding, and thank you for your kind comments.

Waking up on a normal August Bank Holiday Monday, thinking we were going to have a fun day.  That was when I found it, a small insignificant lump.

Unfortunately, being Bank Holiday Monday, I knew I’d have to wait to see a GP.  On the Tuesday I tried to find that there were no appointments available.  Typical.  After an explanation to reception I was given a solution for the Wednesday Morning.


Ladies and Gents (yes you too), this is important.  If you find anything unusual in the chest area, get it checked out.   Ladies it takes 2 mins in the shower.

https://coppafeel.org/  https://breastcancernow.org/


The long and the short of this story, I was referred to the Breast Clinic from the GP and within 6 weeks and a Cancer diagnosis later I was in for an operation to remove what the surgeon thought was a 3cm tumour.  Turns out it was 5cm.

The good news is, everything went well, all the tumour was removed and they confirmed that all my lymph nodes were clear, and there was nothing anywhere else.

However, there was a sting in the tail.  Due to the aggressiveness of the Cancer, I was going to need Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.   This was in October.

Where am I now?

You will be pleased to know, that I am fully recovered from surgery.    I’m still undergoing Chemotherapy, which I started in December and am due to finish in March, so am now over half way through.

It’s a long slog, but I can’t complain.  The treatment has been swift (but it doesn’t give you time to take anything in).  The staff are fantastic.   I’ve also been very lucky and got away with very little sickness.

This treatment for me is an insurance policy, to hopefully zap any teeny non visible cancer cells that may be lurking, but they can’t see on any scans or tests.

Unfortunately the type of Cancer I have , as the surgeon put it, and I quote ‘a nasty little bugger!’  is called ‘Triple Negative Breast Cancer’ and is one that is most likely to come back.   Triple Negative means that the cancer doesn’t respond to hormones and therefore the drugs you may have heard of, such as Tamoxifen and Herceptin, would have no effect whatsoever, hence the Chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy have been shown to be the best treatment and most reliable.

Will I be Cancer Free?

You are never really ever Cancer Free.  It’s a misnomer.  Yes, you may not have any signs of the disease and they have treated and removed as much as they can.

But, you’re left with this ‘will it come back?’ hanging over you forevermore and a fear that any screening will show up something you never want to have to deal with again.

This is why I disappeared for so long,  I am dealing with becoming a Cancer Survivor although I’m still going through treatment, I know, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for your understanding.  This is the start of my blog coming back to life, although you may have to wait for a bit before the Wednesday Vlog comes back.





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