How busy is May?

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This is the alternative title to ‘The Coffee Shop vs The Library’  which was what I was going to orignally write about today however, since doing the post about the Stroke Association, which as stated in the post has affected people around me, it occured to me to find out what else was going on Nationally this month.  I am  aware that next week is Coeliac Awareness Week and EDS Awareness month, as well as the 1st May being the Asthma Bake Sale.  all of which are things very close to my heart. 

So I made a list of all the things that are happening this month.  I can tell you it is very busy for awareness and a few of these are very close to home for me and a lot of them all happen in one week! Brace yourself!

Obviously we start with:

The Stroke Association -Make May Purple

National Walking Month

National Share a Story Month

EDS Awareness Month

Local and Community History Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

National Smile Month

Then there are the Awareness Weeks

13-19 May Coeliac Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Dying Matters Week

Neurodiversity celebration week

Foster Care Fortnight

National Vegetarian Week

Christian Aid Week

15th May

Museums at night weekend

17th May

Spinal cord injury awareness day

20th May

Dementia Action Awareness week

Walk to School week

Action for Brain Injury Week

National Epilepsy Week (Go Purple)

British Tomato week

25th May

English Wine Week

National Go Canoeing Week

National Childrens Gardening Week

27th May

National BBQ Week

29th May 

Oak Apple Day

(source: national awareness days UK)

Why is there so much going on in May?  Things that personally affect me are the following Coeliac Awareness Week, Asthma Awareness Day, Stroke Association, Epilepsy Association and EDS Awareness Month.   All have personal links to myself and my family and therefore are very important to me, but why do they ALL have to be in one month!?

That is a huge list to digest, and on Friday this week I will tackle Christian Aid as the Focus on, topic.

As for the Coffee Shop vs Library debate, that can wait until next Monday.

Have a good Bank Holiday.

Kaye x

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