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I know some of you will be aware that my husbands aunt was due to have her 103rd birthday the week after next (7th August).  Sadly, on 6th of July we received the news that she had passed away peacefully in her sleep, at the care home.

This of course caused mild panic, not because of her death, which wasn’t entirely unexpected, but due to the proximity of our daughter’s wedding.  There was every possibility that the funeral was going to clash with the wedding. 


The issue we had was this,  my MIL as you know had a Stroke not that long ago, and is not up to travelling long distances in one go.  Her sister lived in Birmingham and that is where the majority of the family is, therefore if the funeral, as we thought likely was going to be on the Friday (9th August), we would have had to do some fun logistics!  Piling everyone plus luggage for four days into the car and driving to Birmingham to the funeral, and then afterwards making our excuses and arriving at the Centre for Alternative Technology in the evening to meet my family and the grooms family for dinner that night, in preparation for the wedding the following day at 3pm.  

Although both myself and my husband wouldn’t find that particularly hard.  MIL would be on a complete roller coaster, as first of all this is her sister’s funeral, and second of all that’s a lot of travelling to do all in one go.  She is not particularly up to doing all day.   I also know she wouldn’t miss her granddaughters wedding for all the tea in china.  However it concerned us that by the time the wedding came around, she would be too exhausted to take anything in.


We were saved if you like, by a mistake on the Death Certificate and therefore the involvement of the the Coroner, which pushed the funeral back a week. 

Thankfully that nightmare scenario will not happen.   The funeral is the Friday after the wedding.  Phew!


So we are zigzagging across the country from 9th August onwards, for happy and not so happy family gatherings.  Think we made the right decision cancelling our Summer Holiday!

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