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Today’s blog is about a movement with it’s roots in America, however it fits with what charity is: see here, and therefore I thought that it was worth a blog post.  I hope you can all get behind this campaign and lets see if we can spread happiness between us.


Mission Fat Hearts is a movement, that has it’s roots in America.

It started life as a Children’s Book. The goal with the children’s book was to spark a curiousity into random acts of kindness. Teaching kids that small acts of kindness can make someone’s day.  The book has a short story, followed by their ‘Top Secret Missions’ from Santa. The ‘Top Secret Missions’ being easy random acts of kindness that kids can do by themselves or with a parent.

Rebecca Yee-Peters, created ‘The Adventures of Pookie,’ childrens book series to teach them life lessons, and now wants to create the Mission Fat Hearts animated movie to continue to inspire and motivate kids all over the world, and to bring Pookie and friends to life.

Kids immitate what they see on TV.  The Mission Fat Hearts movie will show kids that being kind can change the world. The movie will show kids how they can perform small acts of kindness, as well as show them the effects it can have on someones life.

The original Creator of Mission Fat Hearts Mandy Rohr explains:

My biggest inspiration to do Mission Fat Hearts with my children was seeing how much the world needs kindness now more than ever.  Being a teacher, I see how we as adults are the key to how children learn important values such as empathy, kindness, manners, and ultimately how to treat each other. Children literally follow and repeat our every move.  They are the key to our future and have the power to change the world, we just need to give them the tools to do so. So they are what inspired me….they’re little blank canvasses, that in the end only want to love and love more and have so potential to do just that, if taught that doing it matters!

I received an update from Rebecca this morning:

Hello hello! We are so super excited here at the Mission Fat Hearts Headquarters about our animated movie! A lot is happening behind the scenes, like, a lot. Not only are we working on animations and voice overs, we are getting ready to launch our crowdfunding campaign!

For those not familiar with crowdfunding, crowdfunding is NOT asking for donations. People will be getting something in return for their investments. Think of it as pre-ordering the movie, with perks. 😍 The campaign I will be running, is an ALL OR NOTHING. If we don’t reach our funding amount, the movie won’t happen, and ALL of the backers will be refunded. 😢

Making an animated film is hard work. Everything from art to the final product takes tons of effort from talented people. We are hoping to raise at least $15,000 to get us through the production and post production process. We have a stretch goal of $20,000 to make this the best quality film as it can possibly be. This project is near and dear to the hearts of all those involved in creating it and we hope you can help us bring it to life!

But we have AMAZING fans! and we know that this movie will happen! ❤

Rebecca Yee-Peters


I will keep you all updated as I hear things.



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