Monday Blog struggles………

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The best I can say about this is at the moment, my life is organised chaos.  Yes I know,  I need to stop chasing things and stick at what I can do!


Had the shock of my life the other day as I applied to be a transcriptionist at, never in a million years imagining that I would be accepted, how wrong was I.  I had an email come through to tell me that had accepted me as a rookie transcriptionist.


Thanks to The Money Shed I am now also registered on and am trying to find small amounts of work there.   There are some unscrupulous people on there, that the team are obviously unaware of.  I was caught out once, just chalked that up to experience, however, another person is trying the same thing but I won’t be fooled this time around. ‘Fool me once, Shame on You, Fool me twice, shame on me.’


At the moment I am extremely busy, and the Monday Blog is becoming hard to keep up. However that is due to planning, not how busy I am.   Being busy is actually making me think about scheduling my weeks properly, rather than ‘winging’ it, as I have been doing!


If you’re looking for things that could help you make money, The Money Shed blog is well worth a look as there are a lot of things on there that can help you out.  I thought I had exhausted everything, but no, I hadn’t.  It’s thanks to Jon and his team that I found that out.

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