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I started this journey, as it says on my welcome page, due to personal circumstances.

Looking for affordable clothing that was good quality for myself as well as the rest of my family.

I was also searching for other ways to make money to keep me afloat.

I stumbled across Emma Drew and then Sue Foster.

Emma is a really successful blogger and it is worth taking a look at her web and facebook page.

Sue Foster has a facebook page, called Start WordPress Blogging.  I signed up and this blog is the result.

This blog is still a work in progress, as I am trying to get my Domain Authority up at the moment.

Follow Sues instructions, as I did, to set up your blog.

You will find that it is fairly straightforward.  Yes there were some hiccups but to a point, they have been ironed out.

The support from Sue and her page though has been absoloutely amazing.

Bear in mind that I am a complete beginner at this, so using jargon was not going to work fro me.  My first message to the Sue Foster facebook page was this ‘treat me like an idiot as I know absoloutely nothing.

I would recommend however that before you jump in with both feet, as I did, that you use the Free YOAST plug in and do the course for beginners (completely free) for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

A very useful, eye opening and easy to understand course.  It aims to make your blog the best that it can be.

Do this first you will not have to go back and redo everything to make things easy to find for your audience.

I did this back to front. I now have a never ending to do list.  I’m having to recategorise, tag, and keyword all my posts since September 2018.

Start a blog and see how you get on. I’m finding it quite fulfilling but I have made life difficult for myself for the reason stated above. Let me know in the comments the name of your blog and I’ll take a look.

Now I have lots to do!

Kaye x



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