My Comfy socks review.

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These socks are fantastic, I ordered these socks on the 8th April 2019 having been told that they would take 2 -4 weeks to arrive.  Given that they are shipped from the States, that was understandable.  I also ordered them at silly o’clock in the evening as online shopping allows you to do.

The parcel arrived on 17th April 2019, i.e. Just over a week to get here.

Later on after Easter I put on my first pair of MyComfySocks

These were the Pineapple ones you saw on Tuesday 23rd April.  When I first put them on they were really soft and like new (as you would expect!) In my trainers on this particular morning I had to push my daughter’s wheelchair up to the bus stop, which is at the top of a hill.  Once my daughter was on the bus I walked into town.

My feet felt incredibly comfortable and based on this they were actually living up to their name of MyComfySocks

If you go to the homepage of My Comfy Products

It will scroll through all the different headings for men and womens socks.    If you then click on the ‘about us’ page, you will get the little online chat icon ‘talk to you’, and say that if you need help they’re online and ready to support you.  They’re ‘about us’ page starts like this: (and I quote):

‘If you’re still wearing those white tubes your Mum got yo for Christmas. These aren’t the socks for you.  These socks are hand woven from the finest cotton by that nice lady who lives down the block’

and finishes: (Quote):

‘Complete your life, complete your socks, but, you can’t have these ones. These are ‘My Comfy Socks!’

This made me laugh, and showed that they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

This company is based in Oregon USA.  Their website states that depending on location delivery will take 2-4 weeks. However  my order only took 5 days.    Checkout the FAQ’s for the estimated delivery tiimes to different parts of the world.

You are also able to track your package once it has been processed and shipped.  Also if you have any problems or have made a mistake either go online and use the little ‘we are here’ icon or email providing the information of what you ordered and the order number.

You can also find these guys on instagram @mycomfysocks.  There is also a contact us form on the website, and if you hit the ‘shop’ button it comes up with their catalogue of all their different socks.

I myself only chose 5 designs but I could have bought so many more, as their designs appealed to my sense of fun.  Socks do not have to be boring!

If you follow me on instagram @charityshophopping,, you will know that I started a ‘socks of the day’ segment in order to make people smile.   As it states on my instagram account Socks are a part of my personality during the colder months.  It’s where I can be professional, but still manage to have a part of my personality on me.

Last week up until Saturday, in my ‘socks of the day’ have been designs from @mycomfysocks and I have to say they really do live up to their name.  I am really impressed with the quality. You easily forget that you are wearing them which is a good sign.  If in the future, when I need some new socks I will certainly try these guys again as I have been really impressed by the Quality, the speed of delivery, and ultimately how comfy their socks really are.

@mycomfysocks are worth the money, the number of designs is really good and will suit any personality.   They have knee highs, if that’s your thing, or conversely trainer socks, also with amazing designs.

There really is something for everyone.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Christmas!

You can follow these guys on Instagram @mycomfysocks or visit their website which can be found here.


This opportunity came up from my Instagram posts @charityshophopping – so it just shows what different platforms can do.


This review is of products I purchased myself and I would have no hesitation in recommending My Comfy Socks to anyone as they are exactly that – COMFY SOCKS!


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