My Daughters Wedding.

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Busy, Busy

Now as you will be aware if you have been following me for a while, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic and it’s not over yet!

Friday Fun!

The weekend of the 10th August 2019 was a very happy occassion as my eldest daughter got married in North Wales at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Macynlleth.   To keep the cost down and to make sure that everyone had a good time we actually stayed at the venue (we basically had booked the place out!).

Most of us, family from both sides, arrived at CAT on the Friday night as it was quite a long haul for most of us.  Even the Bride and Groom had a two hour journey from Cardiff, but most of us were double that.

This led to us having a big joint family evening meal on the Friday.  Immediate family consisted of 30 of us, and most of those belonged to the Groom as there are only 10 of us!  It was really good though to be able to talk to everyone on the Friday with no stress about anything until the following day.  So families who live long distances apart from each other were able to catch up face to face.


On Saturday morning, it was all hands on deck to help with setting up the tables, the cake, collecting the flowers before lunch and the wedding at 3pm.

Around midday we admired our handy work and then all disappeared to get changed and ready for the main event.

There were a few gaps in the torrential downpour that was the whole weekend,but all credit to my daughter for organising the whole thing to be indoors!!   It made everything so much easier.

All that’s left to say really is many congratulations to Hazel and Matt and I hope they have the best time as Husband and Wife.

I am also really proud of my youngest daughter who looked stunning as the Maid of Honour and you will see below one of the best pictures of my two girls that was taken in the evening of the wedding.

Footnote:  When I asked what colour the bridesmaids were going to be, Hazel had no idea that she had picked out exactly the same colour I had 30 years ago!

Photos below, enjoy x

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  1. Congratulations, sorry to hear about the rain but it looks like it didn’t stop the joy of the day. Beautiful colour of bridesmaids dresses, the compliment the brides perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

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