New Year/New You/Resolutions

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I don’t subscribe to any of those things in the title.

My diet is restricted enough due to a medical condition (Coeliac Disease).

Therefore no diets.

Resolutions, I think, are silly.  You set them out on a nice shiny New Year and feel really positive.  Reality then hits and you go back to your old habits.  You know and are experienced enough that your life works that way.

Take a look at Jo’s blog post, her opinion is very similar, but slightly different to mine!

If you want to change do it slowly and I for one would not start until the New Year high has worn off.   Set yourself, daily achievable goals and keep a record of them.

Once you’ve changed your habits (I read somewhere, sorry I can’t remember where, that if you do something consistently for two weeks it becomes habit. Let me know in the comments if you find this to be true.) Set another goal and then once thats achieved set another.  You achieve far more that wa as you don’t become overwhelmed by everything all at once.



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