Now the dust has settled…..

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Now the dust has settled from all the ‘Romantic’ nonsense, that the marketeers like to throw at you just before 14th February.  Has anyone noticed how horrendous the mark up is on flowers for this one day?


We went shopping, as part of our normal weekly routine, on Friday 15th February.  We wandered into the Supermarket and there as you walked towards the fruit and veg, was the display from the day before.

All around this display were buckets with Red Roses and Gypsophillia in, wrapped as gifts.

There were also, in a ceramic pot, single Pink Roses.  The notices around this display, on bold yellow paper, read, 75% off.  This meant that the aforementioned Pink Roses with their pots were retailing at £1.00!

Do we really need that much mark up for one day of the year?  Come to that, why do supermarkets and other places do this?  It’s disgraceful.   They are profitting from the fact that it is 14th February and therefore can justify charging over the odds.   With flowers, I think this is dreadful.

Flowers are expensive enough as it is, without the mark up they put on them just because of the date of the year.  They do it for Mothers Day, Easter and Christmas.   


I like a bunch of flowers as much as the next person, but I would much prefer a plant.  

Why?  Because a plant is infinitely better value for money for the enjoyment you will get out of it.


 Always buy plants and flowers after celebrations. 

One of my houseplants was in a pack for Mothers Day last year and was retailing at £15.  After the event they had excess stock which needed to move, so they reduced the price £5.00 and this included a tiny teddy.  Sadly the plant died, but I still have the teddy!


Check the condition of the plant, as you may end up with a dud if you’re not careful.

If there had been a decent potted rose yesterday, I would have snapped up one of them for £1.00.  Most of them were going over, and the decent one I saw, someone else picked up before I got there!


We went to a well known Garden Centre today (16th February). They too were selling off the remains of the Valentines Day stock.   I was looking around the Orchid section and the houseplant section when I noticed this lovely yellow Orchid.  Then I saw the price, 50% off, managers discount.

As you know, I’m a sucker for an Orchid, so a half price one was not going to stay where it was!  We were actually there as I needed some more Cactus Feed, and I picked up a couple of other bits too, including another plant.


The Orchid, had it been full price would have cost me £15.  A full size Miltonia was mine for £7.50.  I toyed with the idea of buying two, but all the others were pink and I preferred this yellow one.

Finding the Cactus feed, I noticed they were selling the ‘sensitive’ plant. 

Having not seen one of those for years, I thought why not?  These weren’t reduced, but they are fun plants, and as I had a generous discount on the Orchid I decided I could add this to my houseplant collection. These are the plants that when touched, the leaves close.


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    1. I know. I’m surprised more people haven’t realised it. To be honest though as far as romance is concerned it should go on all through the year, not just focused on one day (with the exception of Birthdays!) but maybe that’s just me! Thank you for your comment. Kaye x

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