Online/Offline blog and a forthcoming break

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So you’ve left the house and headed to the coffee shop to write your blog in relative peace with the assurance that the free WiFi will work.

I set up on the table and have my tea, with lunch (got out late this morning!) only to discover that the WiFi isn’t working as it should be. So what to do?

Just looked at my computer and the internet has come back online, but since I’ve started writing this offline, I might as well keep going, after all, all I shall have to do then is to copy and paste into my blog.


A pain? Yes. On the other hand, it means I stay away from Social Media. Usually achieving much more, funny how that works!

I need to do some research for Friday’s blog, so I shall save the internet for that, for this little blog post I’m content to continue offline.


It has been brought to my attention that even though I corrected and redid the post

Focus On: British Heart Foundation, that two more of my posts are having the same issue, where the posts are squished.

Focus on: Crisis Plusonday one entitled: And another one………

If anyone has any ideas what could be causing these issues please could you leave a note in the comments. Thank You.

When I first posted them, I know they were not like that, so I am not entirely sure what is going on there.   It needs looking at.

Whilst I’m doing that, I am going to be unable to continue posting regularly.

Also as it’s nearly July (where is this year going!), it makes sense for me to take a break, as there are too many family things going on for me to keep up with my blog.

Rest assured I will be back, probably in September, however, there is a chance it may be earlier.

Therefore my last post will be this Friday (28th June 2019).

My first exciting thing to attend will be my eldest daughters graduation at the beginning of July, where she will receive a BA in Translation.

Thanks so much for your support.

Kaye x

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