Our Annual May Fayre

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Welcome to the Wednesday Vlog at our annual May fayre that takes place on the first bank holiday in May (Mayday).

This is one of the best fundraising and promotional events for our local charities some of which are very new.  It’s really good to see the whole community out and supporting each other.

Unfortunately this year the set up was a little different and a little more cosy than before, due to the amount of development that is going on around us.  This meant that they were unable to shut all the roads in town like they normally do, as there was no other route around the town centre, therefore it wasn’t plausible or sensible to do so.


Hope you enjoyed that quick tour of the May Fayre.

If you’re wondering what the beautiful building is in the middle of all the stalls, it is actually our Town Hall, right where it should be, in the centre of town!  It’s Georgian and at one time it used to house the Fire Station.

Above is the side where the fire engines used to be, and then you can see the side where most of the fayre was and what is normally our Market Place.   There are pictures in the archives of our Town Hall with the fire engines outside (think Trumpton! or the 19th early 20th Century Fire Engines.)

As always, Thanks for watching

Kaye x

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