Oxfam’s Wastesaver recycling.

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Oxfam Wastesaver recycling, where your donations that cannot be sold can still do good and keep things out of landfill.

0% goes to landfill.

The good news is that even if your donations can’t be sold through our shops we can still make use of them. 

Wastesaver is our behind the scenes sorting and recycling centre. 

There to ensure that we maximise the value of everything we are given, and minimise waste.


The wastesaver concept began in 1974. 

Oxfam became the first national charity to develop it’s own facility for recycling and reusing clothing, as well as other materials. 

From modest beginnings Wastesaver is now in modern premises in Batley, West Yorkshire.  Where they handle thousands of tonnes of textiles every year.

Wastesaver deals with items that don’t sell at the shop where they were donated.

 As well as large corporate donations that come directly into the warehouse. 

Items with the greatest value will be spotted and sent to one of our specialist retail channels.  This includes things such as, our pop-up festival shops, specialist Vintage Shops and Boutiques or Oxfams own online shop.


Clothing that has reached the end of it’s life will be sold on to be reused as industrial cleaning cloth, or broken down so the fibres can be used , for example as Mattress Filling or Carpet Underlay.

A very small proportion of items cannot be reused or recycled so they are sent to a ‘green’ energy plant to be incinerated in order to produce energy.


Wastesaver sells around 30% of its clothing to Frip Ethique,

Frip Ethique is a social enterprise in Senegal with profits used to fund livelihoods programmes in Senegal and elsewhere in West Africa. 

Our clothing is exported through our trade partners across Europe and Asia in line with our ethical supply policy.

Bra’s and other clothes you donate here in the UK could end up getting sorted and sold in Senegal at Frip Ethique.

Frip Ethique as stated above, is an Oxfam run social enterprise in Senegal. 

Most of the workers are women, who sort and sell clothes donated to Oxfam, including your bra’s, to local market traders.

It’s a great way of making sure donations make the most money possible and enabling people to earn a living.

Profits are also invested in Oxfam’s work fighting poverty in Senegal.

Over 500 traders buy stock from Frip Ethique and run their own businesses.

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