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I think nearly everybody would like to be able to earn a passive income, so that they could stay at home and live the life that is free from work.  Unfortunately not everyone is able to do this, and cover the whole of their salary.   However that does not mean that you are unable to make a passive income of some sort.

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If you haven’t already, go and have a look at The Money Shed, lots of ideas of how to make an income and links to hundreds of ways to help out.  There is a Forum and for a change this one is based in UK, and not the States.  I have found them really useful.


One of the really good Passive Income sites I’ve started to use is called FluidStack.

This is what it says on their About Us page:

Welcome to FluidStack! We are pioneering cutting edge technology to create the world’s largest and fastest distributed cloud platform. Our network orchestrates tens of thousands of edge servers around the globe to bring your cloud infrastructure closer to the end user than was ever previously possible. 

What it FluidStack?

FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of expensive data centres). We save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use. 

Our software detects when your device isn’t being used, and then it will use your bandwidth and CPU to serve web content.

All they need from you is a fast internet speed and your permission for them to use your server.  It’s easy to set up, and although I am not earning vast amounts of money $0.17 a day, all I have to do is make sure that I my computer is on.  That is all it takes.

If you join them, they will use your idle computer to service their Cloud and pay you for the privilege. 

If you use this referral link it will take you straight to their site and you can earn money in your sleep, as well as earning me some extra pennies in the process!    Thank You.

It really is that simple.

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