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Do you need a planner?

This was a question I deliberated over for ages and wasn’t sure.  Circumstances meant that I would acquire one for free.  I still wasn’t sure I needed one, until the other day.

I was checking something and discovered that my week had been completely filled in the planner, therefore causing the conclusion, that, yes, actually I did need one, and that it worked for me.

The great thing is, that this particular planner/organiser is not dated, therefore, the sheets that are unused are not wasted.

The planner also contains ‘sticky notes’  one large square, one medium square and two little bookmark tabs.  The bookmark ones are really useful for adding extra notes for particular days.

Having said that I also keep a seperate pad of ‘stickys’ as I find them extremely useful.

I use my planner all the time, partly because in its trifold state it is easy to throw in my bag (read rucsac for laptop!) lovingly known as my portable office, with a pen attached meaning that I can easily schedule things as and when needed.

It becomes my Diary (although I have a seperate one of those too), a to do list and paper all in one place.  It opens out flat, and when not in use folds up into it’s own cover.  A very useful piece of stationery.

I did request one for Christmas, but regrettably it was not forthcoming.  Therefore I have just purchased one from ebay at the cost of £4.50 plus postage.  It’s far more useful than a diary to me.

If I had started a bullet journal which I gather is the new trend, I would not have got very far, much less kept it up to date.  It is far too rigid for me.

Organised, Sort of.

Do I need a Planner?  Absoloutely!


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