Stationery Haul.

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Stationery and Stationary?

How do you know which is which?  It took me a while but then I settled on an easy way to remember which one meant what.


Pencil, paper, notebooks, sticky notes etc. etc.   Within this list comes and item that you will find in every Stationery cupboard up and down the country!

This item is an E = ENVELOPE which everyone uses when they write a letter, or a card.


A = ARRESTED i.e to stop something or someone from doing something, and therefore rendering it immobile.  Harder to remember than the one above.  However if you remember the top one, it’s easy to work out this one!

Everyone runs out of paper eventually, and I’m no exception.  Enjoy this haul and what I managed to find in The Works  



Enjoy this You Tube Haul:


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