What do you want to watch?

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What do you want to watch? If you’re anything like us, periodically it’s good to sit and watch a film.   Sometimes there are no brainers when something new or interesting turns u... Read More

Time flies

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Time Flies Anyone else feel like this year is running away from you.   Maybe it’s because I feel super busy, or is it just because we haven’t really been able to sit out in the g... Read More


As promised here are some places where you can find Books for Free. The first and most obvious place is your local library.  Don’t dismiss this place, chances are they have a presence onlin... Read More

Charity shop haul.

Wednesday Vlog. Charity Shop Haul. A mixed bag of finds this time around ranging from Jewellery to Shoes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0WpJxN19S4 Why do I shop in Charity shops?  Well as you ... Read More