Focus on: Crisis

CRISIS CRISIS is the National Charity for homeless people.  We help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether. SUPPORT FOR YOU If you are home... Read More

Focus on: WADE

WADE stands for Wokingham and District Centre for the Elderly, but obviously WADE is easier to say and also remember! They have, as you will have noticed, their own charity shop within Wokingham Town ... Read More

Charity Shop Haul

I was hoping that this weeks youtube would be a Wardrobe Declutter. Unfortunately the video I have of it is refusing to upload to my computer, and I am running out of time to edit and make sure that t... Read More

My Blog, My Journey

MY BLOG, MY JOURNEY I started this journey, as it says on my welcome page, due to personal circumstances. Looking for affordable clothing that was good quality for myself as well as the rest of my fam... Read More