Time flies

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Time Flies

Anyone else feel like this year is running away from you.   Maybe it’s because I feel super busy, or is it just because we haven’t really been able to sit out in the garden yet for any length of time?  Either way, it just seems to be flying by.

It seems unreal that at the weekend we were helping my eldest with some odd bits of furniture and moving them from their flat into their new home, where the Kitchen felt like the same size as the floor space of the flat, for Kitchen, Lounge and Diner all in one, just before she graduates and then gets married.

House Move

Where they will be once they’ve finished decorating, has a sizeable Kitchen/Diner which opens out on to a small garden, and a separate lounge, whilst upstairs they have two bedrooms and a bathroom.   I was impressed with the storage in the new property.   They have an understairs cupboard that Harry Potter would be proud of! As well as built in wardrobes and the much mentioned airing cupboard, therefore somewhere to store towels and bedding.


We weren’t sure whether they were going to have any white goods in the property when we got there so we arrived prepared with a packed lunch just in case.  We needn’t have worried, they had purchased a sofa, a washing machine and a fridge freezer from The British Heart Foundation who also delivered said goods, and their dining table and chairs had been purchased from the YMCA shop.  Thrifting applies to furniture as well as clothes.  My daugher and her friend had also plumbed in the washing machine successfully.  #scouts #skillsforlife

New House

They are now in a very pretty suburban part of Cardiff called Pontprennau (translated, so my daughter informs me as: Bridge of Trees and pronounced Pontprennai).

They took the opportunity to move some of the bigger stuff to the new house when we arrived with the transit van, containing the bed that they were unable to take a couple of weeks ago.  Apparently a van was not needed when they first told us that they were moving…..mmmm…….yeah, right.  They couldn’t take the bed as they only have a Ford KA and there was no way that was going to take a 6’6″ x 5′ bed, and especially not with the two tables that had been delivered here for them.

Graduation and a Wedding

In July this same daughter will Graduate from Cardiff University with a BA in Modern Foreign Languages.

Followed in August by her Wedding.   Suddenly everything appears to be happening at once!


Suddenly, Graduation and the Wedding are creeping up at a rate of knots, and I’m pretty sure my brain hasn’t realised we’ve fallen out of May yet!!   I just hope the weather gets it’s act together for both the above events but especially the Wedding as that is going to be a very proud and emotional weekend for me, since the Bride’s Sister, has been given the job of Maid of Honour, and therefore is responsible for everybody within the Bridal party.


Have to admit I can’t wait for all these events, I just wish the year wasn’t disappearing at the rate it is.  The sun hasn’t come out for long yet, and I could do with at least some summer to speak of.

Like I said, this is why my Wednesday Vlog had to be put on hold, as you will notice that it has just gone 3pm in the afternoon, and I have only just written this blog post, because I ran out of time yesterday, to schedule it for this morning.

Anyone else got anything exciting going on in the Summer? 

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