Tis the season, to get writing or not!

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‘Tis the season…..

After last week’s post about Advent, it got me wondering if anyone had actually finished their Christmas Shopping?  I hate to say it, but we managed to do all of ours on Saturday last week (before now, that’s unheard of!).  Having said that I have to date (07/12/2018) only written one Christmas Card!

The card I have sent is for my friend in the Phillipines.  Due to the last posting day being something daft like the 2nd December, my mind at that point normally hasn’t finished with November! Therefore I normally forget, and the card is invariably late.  Not that I’ve had any complaints I just feel really guilty,as quite often Richard doesn’t get his card until the New Year.

We need to see how many Christmas Cards we have left upstairs and, bring down the decorations, as Christmas is now starting to kick in all over the place.  Then we need to know when the last posting days are for UK mainland, as Richard is the only international card I have to send. This makes me feel doubly guilty, as it’s only one card and I always forget!  So I feel ahead of the game this year, as it’s been written and posted, before the last posting day!

You will find the information for last posting dates here:


This covers UK mainland as well as international, which is further down the page.

See You Soon.

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