Wednesday Vlog: April Charity Shop Hop

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Hello and Welcome to Wednesday Vlog.

Firstly if you have been trying to view last weeks Wednesday Vlog without success, that issue has now been fixed and you shall now be able to view that here.

For some reason YouTube had reset it back to Private and therefore not allowing anyone but me to watch.  I do not know how long that was like that for, but be rest assured it is now live and watchable.

This weeks vlog was a mission to find two Decorative plant pots in which to put the two new plants I bought at the weekend.  It was very nearly an unfruitful mission, but I perservered.

Join me on this quick charity shop hop around town, and a visit to my favourite independent coffee shop (that ought to be sponsored by Lizzies Gluten Free Salted Caramel Shortbread, and English Breakfast Tea.)

You can watch this weeks video here

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Thank You for putting up with this!

Kaye x

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