Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my Blog, all about what you can find in Charity Shops, as well as elsewhere.


My name is Kaye and I have a quite a few interests, but the Charity Shop Hopping as the title states, started because I became quite short of cash after I was made redundant.  During this process I started to volunteer in my local Oxfam shop.  The reasons were two fold really. One was to gain some new skills that I may be able to apply to another job, such as customer facing and using the till, and two to actually get me out of the house so I didn’t get too uptight about what I was going to do all week!!

Other Things:

I have been fascinated by Orchids for a long time, and for the first time last year I actually purchased a miniature one, as I don’t have the space for the full on huge ones that you often see for sale. To date I now am in posession of 14!!  I have a youtube channel dedicated to this subject so if you wish to take a peek please use the button above

HappyPhalOrchid and that will take you straight there.

I am also a self confessed plant-aholic, with a particular interest in houseplants and in particular the rainforest cacti.  That is, Thanksgiving Cactus, Easter Cactus and if I can ever find one a true Christmas Cactus (more about that later if you would like it, comment below.)   I also have other houseplants, like a spider plant, an African Violet, a couple of carnivorous plants, and other succulents plus my two Amaryllis

Before last year I was known as the Queen of Killing Houseplants, I had tried for years without a lot of success and am blessed with a house with the grand total of four windowsills which are actually wide enough to accomodate a four inch pot!  Therefore if I was going to try again I needed to figure out how to do it without spending much money, this applies to the Orchids as well.

I wouldn’t call myself a voracious reader, however, I do enjoy a good book, and as such am a member of my local library (all books are free to borrow, therefore no cost, unless you incur a fine), and a member of my local Womens Institute Book Club.  Our latest book by Harlan Coben, we rated as 10, and more than four of us are looking for more of his books, so that was a bit of a hit.  I do have an ereader but that has more to do with storage space than replacing books.  It also means I can take a huge library on holiday with me and not worry about weight issues, and I can even borrow library books on it!!

I also enjoy a lot of craft, my main one being cross stitch, although I haven’t done much of that for a while, but I have enough supplies to outlive myself and my two daughters put together!! Therefore again negating the need to spend vast quantities of money.

Like most people I also enjoy a really good film, and yes I will admit sometimes I’m the biggest kid out, and always enjoy a Disney Film, especially the Classic ones, I kid you not there are some bargains to be had out there, but it’s useful to have an idea of what you might like, as the diversity is vast!  When I started on this quest our first priority was to replace all our Disney videos with DVD’s, then we wrote out a wish list.  More about that later.  I like to have physical copies as they can be a little more reliable than downloaded copies for streaming, but again that doesn’t mean I don’t use it.  It is a storage solution, that’s useful, and due to phone apps these days, is accessible in my pocket, with a little outlay for the ability to watch on TV.

So the content of this blog is to show you the sort of things you can achieve if you checkout Charity Shops and Sales regularly.  Buying things in the sales after the sale season has finished, picking up bits that you think could be useful and even in some cases reinventing your wardrobe. Or just finding something that you love so much you just can’t live without it, but at a fraction of the cost.

Come with me into the wonderful world of not knowing, exactly what you might find.  Finding Garden and houseplants without spending more than £5, and how you can get free books on your ereader/phone/computer, including brand new, never read before books exclusives.

Throughout this blog I will scatter photos of some of the things I have found in Charity shops and some of the Bargain Houseplants I have also found.