What are you doing for Masks?

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What are you doing for Masks?

Believe it or not I actually penned this blog post last Wednesday, before the government said it would be compulsory to wear a mask on public transport.

Why?  Because we had just received our package, that shouldn’t have arrived until 25th July!  Be grateful for small things!

Are you using disposable masks?

Are you using disposable masks? Or have you got hold of , or made your own washable fabric ones?  Or like us, have you taken a different route to have something that’s washable but can also be used as other things once the pandemic/lockdown is over?

At the moment, as I am visiting the hospital daily, I’m using disposable masks for my visits.  However when that finishes in a few days time, I needed something that would be versatile, washable and reusable.


After scouring Amazon and realising that I was likely to need something for a while that would protect my semi bald head from UV, we came across some 100% polyester tubes (or buffs as they’re called).  These can be used in several different ways, and bonus, they also had anti UV properties.  They’re thermal in the cold and they wick away humidity.  These tubes are very like the masks you quite often see cyclists and motorcyclists wearing.

The best bit of this discovery was that they came in a pack of 9, they’re washable at 40C  and are easy to take on and off.   As there are two of us 9 was a good number as we end up with the, wear one, wash one, spare one, each.  The other three then become spares in case of mishaps.  These were not bad value at £13.99 for the whole pack.  They all have different designs on them, and the bonus, they arrived one month earlier than they should have done.


The buffs are very useful as during the day if one part becomes damp (if you’re wearing as a face covering), you can rotate it around your neck to a dry piece of material.  As we have three spares, changing half way through the day would not be a problem either.   It has also worked out cheaper than a large box of disposable masks, and by default more environmentally friendly.

They can also be worn as a hat if you twist it in a certain way, Scrunchies, headbands, bandanas, and more.  For me, it can work as an anti UV lining to my straw summer hat.

Obviously, I removed the girly buffs for myself as I didn’t think hubby would appreciate those!!

Stay safe, whatever route you take xx


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  1. I’ve invested in quite a few different face masks already – I’m a retired nurse so used to wearing them! However these are great due to the multifunction and can still be used after this dreaded situation goes away

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