What do you want to watch?

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What do you want to watch?

If you’re anything like us, periodically it’s good to sit and watch a film.   Sometimes there are no brainers when something new or interesting turns up on one of the main TV channels or you find something on Netflix.

Decisions, Decisions

However do you find it’s more often the case that you think I’d like to watch a film, the rest of the family concur but you haven’t got the funds to go out?   So you spend hours trying to decide on a film to watch, from your DVD collection or Netflix.

Yep it happen to us too and it was becoming more and more of a pain as we have so many to choose from.

Pot Luck!

Anyway, one afternoon I decided that enough was enough.  I had two wishlists and a vast DVD collection, so I went through everything and much like raffle tickets, I folded all the names of the films that were in our collection and in our wishlists and owned as a streamed film, and placed them into a container.

Now whenever we decide to watch a film one of us will put our hand in the pot and pull out a film, which has been quite entertaining in its own way as you never quite know what you are going to get.


The funniest one, was when we’d had a really stressful week and I pulled out Ice Age, and although it wasn’t quite what we wanted it was exactly what we needed after a funeral!  So far we have pulled out 10 films and only put one back as it was pulled out on a week day.  It wasn’t chosen until 21:30, so The Great Escape had to go back at 2 hours and 45 mins long, when both of us needed to be on the go early the following day.  The mutual decision was to throw it back into the mix.

The pot comes out everytime someone says shall we atch a film, and it’s having the effect that we are watching a lot of DVD’s that we haven’t watched for a long time, it also cuts the decision making time.

Fun thing to do.

You could if you have small children do the same for them with age appropriate films and a different one for the adults.  We don’t have that issue as we’re all adults here.

It does make it more fun and is a scary prospect when your hand goes in the pot, but, unless there is good reason not to, as above, we stick with it.

We have had so far The Pink Panther, Ice Age, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Jungle Book, Apollo 13, Dr No, The Spy who loved me, The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and The Prince of persia, the sands of time.

What will it be next time?  Quite frankly I’m surprised none of the Harry Potter ones have been chosen, but there’s the fun, you never quite know what your going to get.

Give it a go, it’s a fun way to choose a film and it stops all the arguments.

You don’t have to use it everyday. It makes it interesting for all of you and as we found rather than picking out the few films that you always watch, you get to watch or your films, by pot luck.   We’ve found it fun, so have a go.

Enjoy your film collection!

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