What no…Wednesday Vlog or Podcast?

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Time Management has never been my strong point, but I do try and have some sort of schedule.  This week it has not been working, and as the week goes on so I feel myself becoming more and more overwhelmed.  As pointed out in Monday’s post, there have also been a lot of Bank Holidays squished up together which has completely thrown me, and since it is now 19:15 on Wednesday (when my blogs normally go up at (08:00 am) is testament to the fact that I need to sort out my timings!


I began to realise today that I had put a lot of effort into my blog to get it up and running.  I also as you know have just started a podcast and this needs my attention, however this week is just not playing ball, as I still need to record and edit a new episode.  The day I had set aside to do this, our neighbours decided it would be a good idea to have a heavy drill attached to a JCB attacking their drive.  Thereby making recording almost impossible.

This is frustrating me as I only have this one episode to record and one other before I finish Season 1. 


This will hopefully give me a break so that I am able to enjoy my completely mad summer that is fast approaching:

15th July Daughter Graduates

20th July Friends Wedding

10th August Graduate Daughter’s Wedding

7th September 50th School Reunion 

12th October  Another Friends Wedding.

And yes, there is also likely to be a Funeral in there as well!


As you can see life is going to get a bit hectic. It is for this reason as well as budget reasons that I need to stop the Wednesday Vlog for a while, so I can concentrate on what’s important to me.  That being my family.  If you’re lucky you might get some snippets of the Wedding, but obviously as Mother of the Bride that will not be my top priority.


I’m also this week going to give my Focus On: Friday a miss just so I can catch up with myself.  When the dust has settled and I have found a doable routine, I will let you know.

From Next Week 03 June, the Monday and Friday Blogs will continue as before apart from the Wedding weekend in August as my daughter is getting married in North Wales, and I’ll probably be too emotional to concentrate anyway!


Thank you for understanding and if the blog does go a bit haywire, don’t panic, it will be because my life has just kicked into 6th gear.

All being well I will be back Monday.

Kaye x


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