Windows and Decorative items part 2

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We all know that Charity Shops have far more to offer than just Clothes.

Sometimes the items can be quite random, see the last photo.  However, some charity shops will actually sell electrical items. Others won’t.  This is down to whether the shop in question has anyone in store to actually PAT Test the items.  If they don’t, the chances are they will not sell electricals in the shop. It is illegal, now to sell electrical items, if they have not been PAT tested before sale, so it’s always worth asking before you donate your electricals.

At our local Oxfam, we managed to acquire two TV’s with in-built DVD players. One for my daughters Den that we purchased for £65, it works really well and has a 36″ Screen.  We bought this for her for Christmas last year and along with a Chromecast Dongle she can now also watch YouTube and internet videos on the big screen. One for our room, again with an in-built DVD player. It has a 24″ Screen and we have it attached to our bedroom wall, and we decided that a third Chromecast Dongle means I can also watch YouTube in peace, if I, or We, so choose. It cost £45. This also means that we can stream movies from Rakuten TV straight onto our TV’s too, and control them from our mobiles.  Technology can be wonderful sometimes.

Apart from the items above there is obviously a plethora of other things, Books we all know about, and I’ve discussed DVD’s before, but what is endearingly known as Bric a Brac can sometimes be overlooked.

Remember what I said about William Morris ‘you should have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful’ ?  Well this applies to a certain degree here……………

All of the items in the above photo would have come under that title, at the back is the moulded glass vase I told you about before, then clockwise from the top of the left hand picture: 1. Gallileo Thermometer 2. Disney Marie (Aristocats) Money Box, 3. A very cute Hedgehog money box, who now goes by the name of Mr Prickles!  4. A storage jar, which keeps my teabags.  In the third picture is another Disney Money box, but this time of Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast.

The items above could be categorised as Bric a Brac but they’re not! Obviously the Necklace is categorised under Jewellery, and the Perfume usually comes under Accessories as there is nowhere else to put it.  That whole selection of perfume cost me £19.99 and is brand new, the necklace I think was £1.50 if that.  So sometimes the charity shops can be useful for Presents for people, it’s always worth going and having a look.

Now you all know I’m a plantaholic!  But look what I found for my plants.  The brown dish on the left cost me 50p and is ideal for one of my baby African Violets, however the two items on the right, I believe the little Teapot is actually meant for a votive candle, but it suited my baby succulent pot really well!  The Sculpture was a good find too as I think I’ve told you before I was looking for a way to display my air plants, and this was the solution!

It doesn’t stop there either, this mug is one of my best finds to date, and was ideal for my Potterhead of a daughter!

If you try and buy that Harry Potter colour changing mug new, it would cost you the best part of £14.00. I found it tucked away in a small charity shop for £1.99 complete as you see here, with box.  So it’s always worth looking.  The teapot on the top is functional and is used nearly everyday, that cost me £3.99 again tucked away in a charity shop in an unassuming corner.

I also have a frame……..oh never mind here’s a picture!  It comes in very handy when I need to check the temperature and the humidity for my plants.  This cost me £3.99, but have you seen another one?

This gives you humidity at the top, a clock in the middle, and there is a thermometer at the bottom.  Stylish and battery operated. Useful, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In the run up to Christmas, I’m on the look out for some gems, so, I’m hoping you will be too.

See you next time.

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